Heart2Heart Farms

            Heart2Heart is a family owned, community driven farm in Sherwood, Oregon, that practices environmental stewardship, ethical treatment of animals, and empowerment in bridging the gap in many people’s lives between their food and where it comes from. Relaying my experience there is difficult to do merely with words, as the past six months have been incredibly eye opening and soul filling. Constantly working alongside the passionate, knowledgeable, and loving folk who run it as well as interested and diverse community members, I have grown in unmeasurable ways. The work there reconnects one back to the basics of coexistence, living amongst that which nourishes you, and in turn respecting the thing from which it came- the people, the animals, the planet.
             Taking this class alongside my work there has created another environment in which to discuss what I’ve been learning, hear about other people’s community work , and spread the word about the opportunities of the farm. We have participated in discussions on the roots of perpetual issues and how we implement actions in our daily lives that aid in creating a more sustainable and just social model.

Alicia Louise Markey-Fessel