Diversity Training and Education


By Hayley Greening UNST399U

Winter, 2016

Diversity is vital in the development and progression of our communities. Many communities today lack diversity, or more accurately lack the understanding of its meaning and benefit and place within a community. By implementing diversity training and various education programs surrounding diversity we can bring about awareness as well as tolerance for all different backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives.

Embracing diversity practices can help people from all over the world feel safe and included. When people feel safe and include they’re more inclined to be active and involved in the collaboration within the community. By incorporating the ideas of everyone rather than idealizing those of the privileged select few, we can solve many of the problems that society faces.

“Not having diversity leaves us poorer intellectually, creatively, and culturally” (Bergland).  

When we exclude the cultures and opinions of others we expel potential solutions to society’s challenges and miss out on all that they can bring to the table. It’s pertinent that we educate ourselves and our communities about diversity, not only to help people feel safe and accepted but also to benefit off of the collaboration, ideas, and solutions that they have to offer. By teaching diversity we can create a community where we recognize and celebrate each others differences.