Spreading the Word: We All Need Help!

Volunteering at Kaiser Westside has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. When coming into this community, I thought that volunteering would be simple, and was another requirement fulfilled for school. However, with the various readings that we were given, and connecting it to volunteering, it helped made my experience much more meaningful.

As a volunteer on the Med-Surg floor, my job was to answer calls from both the main line of hospital and the specific floor line of the hospital. It was also my job to open the door for visitors and for people who are exiting.

Most of the time, it was a very hectic and stressful environment because I wanted to help all the patients as immediately and as well as I can, but I can’t always do that, because there were so many other tasks that had to be accomplished. This experience made me realize that there was a huge need for volunteers at Kaiser Permanente. Although it seems like a hospital may attract a lot of volunteers, it is quite the opposite. The lack of help and staff members makes it hard to give enough attention and care to each patient, as well as help each patient as much as possible. For example, if I were to leave my position at the CPA desk to find someone else, another person could come in, and I would miss the opportunity to help them.

Overall, it was still pleasant experience. Both the hospital staff and patients was so kind to me and my interaction with them helped me learn how to communicate with them. I learned that every small task accomplished lightens their load. The staff has so much to take care of, and plenty of things to remember. So having a volunteer helps them out a lot.

My favorite part about volunteering at the Med-Surg floor is being able to interact people. I had a patient who thanked me for helping her. These kind of interactions made my day and gave me a reason to come back and volunteer. At the end of the day, I will most likely come back to and volunteer again and will continue to do so. Knowing that I want to go into medicine, being a volunteer at a hospital gave me a way to contribute to the community and the healthcare.