A Call For Action To End Mass Incarceration

By Megan

There is so much violence in the world; mass shootings are at an ever increasing rate in the US, politicians talk about making our country safe – but how do we do this? Terms such as “war on crime” and “get tough on crime” have been proposed decades ago. This sounds good, but what if this attitude has been detrimental in our nation’s progress and safety?

Is it time to end the war on crime? CBS News asks this question, stating that in the last 30 years incarceration has increased by 800%. We aren’t just seeing more incarcerations, but also children being tried as adults.

It’s time for us to take action and become aware of what is happening with our Justice System, and to reform the system so that it truly does stand for justice. It is time to help educate and help correct those caught in the mass incarceration cycle.

The Beat Within is an organization centered around encouraging education and expression form youth that are incarcerated. Part of their mission is “committing to being an effective bridge between youth who are locked up and the community that aims to support their progress towards a healthy, non-violent, and productive life.”

Let’s be a community that helps people toward health, non-violence, and a productive life instead of a country that stands for mass incarceration.