Organizations for Knowledge, Values, and Rationality

Knowledge, Values, and Rationality

Organizations and agencies focused on the legal system, policies, or values-based work are a good fit for this cluster. Click here to see the cluster learning goals.

  • ACLU of Oregon
  • Clackamas County Juvenile Department
  • Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity
  • Death with Dignity National Center
  • Hacienda CDC
  • Hope Partnership — Janus Youth Programs
  • Immigration Counseling Services
  • IRCO
  • Los Embajadores
  • Mercy Corps Northwest
  • Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
  • Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center
  • Oregon Alliance of Tenants
  • Oregon Cannabis Tax Act
  • Oregon Crime Victims Law Center
  • Oregon Walks
  • Partners in Transformation
  • Partnership for Safety and Justice
  • PHOENIX Rising Transitions
  • Sexual Assault Resource Center
  • Shared Hope International
  • SOAR (Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees)
  • Andrew Legal Clinic
  • Youth, Rights, and Justice
  • YWCA